How We Do It

Our goal is to provide personalized and affordable digital marketing for local businesses, with a focus on videos. Videos are an excellent marketing tool for local searches and maps, review marketing, brand awareness, paid advertising, and social media.

Video Production

Video production takes time and can be expensive. Filming may require hiring a video crew, actors, scriptwriters, director and more. We provide professional, customized videos and eliminate those costs. Our rates are as low as $200 per video.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and has more than 3 billion searches a month. It is a necessary platform for local businesses to brand itself and reach new customers. Our YouTube Marketing is a combination of SEO and paid advertising for an affordable cost.

Review Marketing

Reviews are important but involve your valuable time to monitor. We can create a review video based on actual reviews of your business. Your video will be syndicated across popular social media accounts and ranked in YouTube and search engines.

Social Media Videos

We create social media accounts for a specific local keyword featuring your business logo, phone and website. The videos, images and articles are syndicated through social accounts on a regular basis. New videos and images are updated to provide continual traffic.

Local Search

Local Search helps people find your business online. We rank videos for local keywords to get your business on the first page. The keywords are also ranked in YouTube. Ranking helps you stand out from the competition and brand yourself as the business to call in your local area.

Foreign Language Video Commercials

60% Of YouTube views come from a Non-English speaking population. We can create videos in many foreign languages. Videos are spoken and transcribed in a foreign language for local search engines. This helps local businesses reach a greater audience.

Video Drives 64% Of ALL Online Consumer Traffic And Will Reach 80% By 2019 ... Is YOUR Business Ready?

Industry Specific Digital Marketing

We have some of our videos and internet marketing materials geared towards certain types of local businesses which helps you save money and obtain a quicker ROI with your video
Real Estate

Real Estate

Agents, Services, real estate agency

We help spread your name and brand awareness across internet real estate. Customized videos and ranking keywords across YouTube and social media accounts increase your potential client base.



Attorneys and Lawyers

Billboards were once a popular advertising method. Thumbnails from videos that show your logo, phone number and website are internet billboards. Let us help you get the calls through video thumbnails.

Home Improvement

Home Improvement

Plumber, Roofers, HVAC and more

We provide professional, pre-recorded videos ready to be customized for just about every home improvement and contractors niche. The vides are marketed across social medias to increase brand awareness for customers seeking your services.

video marketing doctors


Dentist, Plastic Surgery, Lasik and more

Medical searches for providers, services and customer reviews are growing in importance. Our professional videos and reviews assist in staying relevant online and maintaining exposure.

auto repair automotive video marketing


Auto Repair and Services

Customized videos place your company ahead of the competition for any automotive repair and services. Local keywords are also used to have your business appear on the first page of internet searches.

video marketing gym


Gyms, Pets and more

We offer customized videos for gyms, yoga, fitness trainers, pet hospitals, dog grooming, music lessons, dance instructions, wedding planners, tattoo removal, photography, bail bonds, funeral homes, and more.

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